DWeb Focus Group - Node Leaders

Latest draft of the Principles

Introductions (10 min)

Name, location, affiliation, pronouns, how you got involved in DWeb issues?


Mai Wendy; Produced first DWeb event at the Red Vic by Joachim; Involved with the events since.

o To nurture the smaller players; Different economic models -- make sure the web

doesn’t just get more centralized; What unites

Jay Carpenter, Desert Blockchain Andi Wong, ArtsEd4All, Decentralized origami project in 2016, Art and computer lab teacher for 20 years; Whats happening at the bottom level -- the tools they’re using Ira, Designer in Berlin; Involved with DWeb Summit 2018; Now helping with branding and design for the project overall Joachim in Berlin; Jolocom; Decentralization hackathon; Early 2016 got involved in DWeb Summit 2016 Brandon in Austin; Got involved in 2019 with PLAN; Knew Peter Wang of Anaconda suggested to get involved with DWeb Camp; Presented prototype at the time; Used the Archive for intel projects; Brewster; Got involved because he wanted to have a reliable web; When Snowden came along, realized there was a real privacy issue with this; Wanted to see a web that wasn’t totally reliant on advertising -- reliable, private and fun.

Preface (5 min)

Identify a common destination, but not a shared path o Not have to agree on doing things the same way, but trying to reach similar aims o On the other hand, the way you build technology undeniably shapes it Internet Archive has played a role of being a facilitator and convener of diverse projects We have N number of people here, please try to speak 1/nth of the time May I record this session?


What are your thoughts about the Principles as they stand currently? Where do you want the DWeb community/movement to be in 10 years?

o What are some concrete features of that community you'd like to see? e What are some essential, specific commitments that you’d like DWeb projects to fulfill? e How do you imagine people applying these principles?

o What would it look like for a project to “follow” or “endorse” these Principles

o First, we would ask organizations/projects to endorse them

o Ex. Linking to them on their website; Encouraging collaborators to sign on

Follow-up Questions

e Big tent vs. being too exclusive Where do we draw the line of what is “DWeb” and what is not? o Is there a benefit to having a hard line on certain issues? o Operating with resource constraints What are the acceptable tradeoffs? e How do you see these Principles and discussions around them shape the DWeb? o Will projects be more sustainable, inclusive, equitable for instance? e What are the provocative issues? o Sources of funding? Ownership/governance structures?


e Next steps o Conducting other focus groups until end of January 2021 o Work ona manifesto statement

e How would you like to stay involved?


To define the ethical framework for those building and participating in the DWeb. The Principles should build and identify our shared guiding values through discussion, to be distilled into a living document that we can point to as a community and use in practice to hold ourselves accountable.

Our process is collaborative and ongoing: We have been working on these principles since May of this year. Given that this project is for and about the Decentralized Web, our process is participatory and inclusive (described HERE). We received initial input, and presented a draft at the DWeb Meetup in July, and will be sharing updates at an upcoming meeting in December.

Notes e Joachim

o Readable, consumable o used to be difficult to understand.

Brewster o Completely new to this o Fresh, different view o Can apply to any gathering, tech o It’s almost like a code of conduct

o (27:18)

o Make it so you can make money o “A game with many winners” -- rallying cry = Decentralization in a positive light, not as a negation o Could apply to a conference Jay Carpenter o Could this be written with the broadest spectrum of interests in mind o In the context and viewpoint from the opposition o Ex. Freedom of speech -- Fundamental principle, defend your right to say things even if | don’t agree with them m As long you take responsibility for what you say m Broad context like that is an intention of this document o Maybe missing pieces is the dimension of responsibility Brandon (37:00) o Whois the intended audience? o Ostrom’s principles are functional m Governance, economic mindset = Functional aspect of keeping that community together m Ex. conflict resolution Who is the DWeb community? Tech principles -- not about the governance, how to make decisions about technological decisions -- Ex. community-centered permissions Ostrom’s leaves those to the community (40:00) - Principles of service in the Air Force = Keeping it simple and memorable -- advantage of memorable Wendy (41:00) o Microsoft Decentralized Identity - private, reliable, fun, make $ o They have the ability to roll out Decentralized ID (DID) for all of their members o But the outcome will be very centralized o Take basic ideas, and show Andi (45:43) o Three things at one time -- design, community, ? What happens when someone doesn't abide by these principles? Thinking about the ripple effects of technology Nobody can really do anything without being reliant on tech Thinking about people on the fringes

Oo O 0 0

o For someone who doesn’t know DWeb community o Are we this or are we that -- definition that is really helpful e Brandon (48:00)

m Organization, physical and equipment, architectural m Layers of decentralization o Peter Wang’s lightning talk from 2019 - the orthogonal web m Three fundamental aspects of privacy m Data layer, user layer, pipe/infra layer m Protecting these on an axis e Ira (51:22) o Fit evaluation of this movement from someone from the outside o If we want this to be shared

e Wendy (53:48) o Asked Juan Benet what they needed at first -- connections, $, etc


Remind the players that these are the values that guide us Would these principles be this guide? Projects come to Wendy to be validators

m Microsoft for example, DID president for a while Got pushback from supporting Fluence Labs

a We're not against making money

m We want many winners e Brewster (56:20)

O oO


Could I use these titles to describe composting toilet projects? Meat has been pushed down into the sub-points What are the banners? Crispen titles If this empowers Wendy to make a discernment of what to give platform to? Bits in, bits out e Brandon (59:52) o Private, reliable, works for everyone, fun e Jay o How would the principles and foundation differ from the Golden Rule? o In his view, the Golden Rule has never been more relevant today o Fabric of relationship of being a human e Andi (1:02:08) o Relationships -- beneficial to you? Or difficult relationships? o Time and solidarity is important

O O O 0 O


o Thinking about the DWeb -- the whole issue of maintenance and who is responsible o We need everyone to take ownership e Joachim (1:03:59) o Values of these principles o Thinking 10 years back, how would you explain this to someone? o Many new things in these e 10 years from now - DWeb? o Jay (1:10:00) = Surveillance issue, if it's ubiquitous then it's not decentralized Wendy -- they’re talking about China here Jay: Censorship and ability to remove and modify data = Preserve the freedom of data and expression, and integrity of it over time m lItcan only be modified if that modification is noted in the data Wendy: This is getting trickier Jay: Data is created by the community but Wikipedia logs those changes Andi (1:13:13) m Asa gardener, thinking about how it will be tended to it m The 10 year old now is our target m The way that 10 year olds need to go to school in sign in, in a system that encourages centralization e Ridicule and shame around not being able to participate in centralized systems m Encouraging people to trust their instincts, to collaborate with people with people different from them

o Joachim (1:16:00)

O oO



m Language of these principles might change m Reflecting what we have achieved m The point in time that it reflects m That the principles change and reflect over time m Through community involvement o Ira (1:18:00)

More timeline version in 10 years 50 years ago, people weren't thinking as much about ecology We will check the relevance of what we were creating int he beginning That in 10 years the community around these principles will shape tech e “Now | need to adjust my business to join” o Brandon (1:20:00) m Appreciation for receiving feedback o Wendy (1:21:00) m A network of global nodes m Artists and technologists m One of the only spaces, where builders and users come together

m It’s propelled from within = Cooperative effort m The thing that unites us are our principles o Jay (1:23:10) + Wendy m Role of saving stuff at IA = Now people are using it to host misinformation, etc. = Not wanting to be a censor and preserving history, and not be a perpetrator of misinformation